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November 21, 2001
July 26, 2002

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First a welcome, a statement of what's going on here, and a disclaimer for would-be critics.

Welcome to Homeland Security! We mean this in two ways. First, we're very glad you came to visit, and hope you find the site helpful and educational. Second, we mean it in the ironic tone you'd use to say, "Welcome to Brave New World." We Americans are stepping through a doorway into a future that looks quite foreboding. That new world may not include much in the way of individual liberty ... unless our vigilance and determination manage to save it.

What are we doing? Our purpose here is to provide "cookie-cutter" tools for activism in the service of liberty, tools to fight the encroachment of a police state and the mentality that leads a people to tolerate such tyranny. By "cookie-cutter" we simply mean that you can take our tools and create your own local education campaign in an effective, professional manner. No muss or fuss -- just take what we have, duplicate it where you are, and spread it around. Mostly, these tools will be high-quality posters that you can reproduce inexpensively and post around your city. Just be sure to protect the private property rights of others as you do so, though, and not post these where you shouldn't. Public locations where posters and announcements are routinely posted are ideal, and store windows (with permission from the owner or manager) are ideal private property locations. Be creative, and be persuasive -- a lot is riding on this!

Finally, the disclaimer. Some will say this website and the project it promotes is unamerican, seditious, disloyal, unpatriotic, and icky. This is because their idea of Americanism, loyalty, and patriotism is directed toward their leaders, or based in a sort of tribal loyalty to one's group -- the big group that is our nation.

This project is dedicated instead to the principles upon which this country was founded: that rights belong to individual people, who in cooperation with one another form their governments for the purpose of protecting those individual rights ... period. That's the philosophical and political foundation of America. Today, it's called libertarianism. We don't think America is the land, or even the people -- and certainly not the government, which is only supposed to represent and serve the people. America is the idea that people own themselves and have the right to determine their own destinies by any peaceful and honest means they choose.

This important distinction is reflected in the Oath of Office taken by public officials, and by the oath taken by members of the armed services: to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign or domestic." Not to protect and defend our leaders, or even to protect and defend the current institutions of government, but to protect the Constitution, without which America would be just another government dedicated to controlling, not serving, the people.

It is with sadness bordering on despair that we are forced to admit that many of those today who have taken that oath are now violating it daily. In many cases, the violations are the result of ignorance: the honest belief that the proper role of government is to control the people rather than work to guarantee a social and political environment in which they can safely control their own individual destinies. But that is not an excuse. When taking a solemn oath, one is responsible for knowing the nature of that commitment.

Therefore, to those who might accuse us of anything from disloyalty to treason, we say this: We are loyal to the Constitution of the United States of America. Aren't you?

For anyone who still harbors a suspicion that we're anti-American, please read this article by syndicated columnist Joseph Sobran, "Am I 'Anti-American'?"

And we will not despair. Not while the freedom of expression -- especially political expression -- guaranteed by the First Amendment is still honored by enough Americans to make the "control freaks" in government reluctant to violate it, however much they might wish to. Therefore, this site consists of protected political expression, and the only action it explicitly advocates for freedom-minded Americans is ... political expression. That should never be a problem ... and our job is to do what we can to convince America that it must never be a problem, for when open and honest dissent is stifled, there simply is no freedom.

For a more detailed explanation of how America came to this juncture, and why the police state looms, visit the Why Worry? page.

To get down to business, continue on to the What Can I Do? page. Or, at any time, simply select a new topic from the menu at the bottom of each page.


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